5 Tips That Could Save Your Life in Very Specific Emergencies – 2024

 5 Tips That Could Save Your Life in Very Specific Emergencies – 2024

Tips That Could Save Your Life

You can’t predict when you are in a life-threatening situation. So, it is essential to prepare for facing that kind of situation. So, we believe that these few survival tips could help to save your life.

Identifying 2-way mirrors

There are more than hundreds of incidents relating to 2-way mirrors reported every year. Common places to find 2-way mirrors are mainly bathrooms, changing rooms, and hotel rooms. With this, someone can easily observe and get photographs of you without even getting noticed. In most cases, this could be a very dangerous situation for you. Someone can get your private photographs or videos of you and using those things you can be easily blackmailed.

Lucky for you there is a very easy trick to identify two-way mirrors using your finger or a flashlight. If you have a flashlight with you (a smartphone flashlight can be used) all you have to do is turn on the flashlight and press it against the surface of the mirror. If it is a 2-way mirror you can see through it. But if it is a normal mirror, light from the flasher is reflected. When using a finger, all you have to do is press your finger against the mirror surface. If it is a normal mirror, you can see a gap between the finger and the reflection, but if it is a 2-way mirror, the reflection and finger would have touched each other.

Emergency ride in a Elevators

Elevators are useful for getting around in tall buildings. But when you are getting around in a tall building in an elevator, the elevator has to stop multiple times to let other people get in. But what if you are in an emergency situation? This is an important trick that can help you in an emergency situation. This can turn the elevator into an express elevator. All you have to do is hold the close door button until the door close and keep holding it and press the floor number. Keep holding both buttons until the elevator began to move. So, the elevator won’t stop until reaching your destination.

Break failure

What happens if the brakes of your vehicle failed while driving? That is a very scary and dangerous situation. If you are facing that kind of situation this is a trick that could save your life.

Before everything take your foot away from the gas paddle. Then try to pump your brake paddle fast and hard. In some cases, this can stop the vehicle. If this won’t work, first try to change the gear into a low gear. This will increase the torque and reduce the speed of the engine. (In a manual vehicle, move gear shaft to 1st setting. In an auto vehicle, there is a setting for low gear setting (S mode)) As a result of this, the speed of the vehicle will reduce. When the sufficient amount of the vehicle speed is reduced, (to less than 30kmph) apply the parking brake slowly (not at once). This will bring your vehicle to stop. If any option mentioned above didn’t work, as the last option, use something like a guard rail in the road to scrape your car to lower the speed.

Scape from a sinking car

What will happen if your car fell into the water like the ocean, lake, or river? Surely that is a life-threatening situation. The first thing you have to try is to open the doors of the car. But if you are completely submerged in water, this will be nearly impossible to do. Then try to open a window to escape. If that didn’t work, try to break the window or windshield with something like a seat belt buckle or ideally pointy metal tool. Try to stay calm without panicking the whole time.

If any options didn’t work calmly wait until the inside of the vehicle is fully filled with water. Then doors can be opened because the pressure in the vehicle becomes equal to the outside pressure.

Snake venom

If you get attacked by a venomous snake, that could easily end your life if you didn’t get proper treatments quick enough. So always try to avoid snake bites. But somehow you get bitten by a snake try these tricks without panicking until proper treatments arrive.

Also please don’t try to suck out the venom by mouth because that is very dangerous. The first thing you should do is wash the bitten area with soap and water. Also, try to remove tight clothes, rings, bracelets, or anything that could cause constriction. If the patient was in pain, paracetamol can be given to relieve pain. Then bring the patient to a proper treatment facility to further treatments as soon as possible.

If you can identify the snake that causes the bite that could be a huge help for the treatments because it could be helpful to decide the anti-venom that should be provided to the patient quickly.

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