Mom Adopts Friend’s Daughters After Her Battle with Brain Cancer

 Mom Adopts Friend’s Daughters After Her Battle with Brain Cancer

Mom Adopts Friend’s Daughters After Her Battle with Brain Cancer

Elizabeth Diamond, the heroine of this moving love tale, fought valiantly against stage four brain cancer. Laura Ruffino, Elizabeth’s dearest friend, came forward with a tremendous promise out of concern for her four girls’ future. Elizabeth died away in April 2015, but her promise to Laura was kept, and she expanded her family by adopting all four daughters. Everyone in Orchard Park, New York, is coming together to help the Ruffino-Diamond family during this difficult time. More than $80,000 has been gathered to help them via a You Caring campaign.

Tragically, Elizabeth Diamond, a single mother, was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in August 2014. Concern for her cherished girls’ well-being in the event that she could no longer provide for them was a natural concern for her. A selfless pledge was made by her long-time friend Laura Ruffino, who had been there for her since fifth grade. At the risk of her own death, Elizabeth’s four kids would be taken in by Laura, she swore.

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In April 2015, Elizabeth lost her fight with cancer. In keeping with her word, Laura Ruffino took it upon herself to adopt the four daughters. The size of Laura’s family increased exponentially as a result of her selfless gesture of devotion. The Ruffino-Diamond family has grown to include eight members: the bride, her husband, and their two kids.



Word of Laura’s remarkable adoption gesture traveled fast across their Orchard Park, New York neighborhood. The community rallied behind the family, inspired by her altruism, to help them during this difficult time of transition. A YouCaring campaign was set up to help with the funding.



The community’s reaction is quite touching. Contributions to the campaign have been made by people from various walks of life, both locally and internationally. They have generously donated over $80,000, which will surely assist the Ruffino-Diamond family as they embark on their new journey.


Fighting brain cancer was a challenging and emotionally taxing ordeal for Elizabeth Diamond. Laura Ruffino, Elizabeth’s greatest friend, however, made a vow that her girls would never forget. Incredible love and devotion were on display as Laura adopted all four daughters. The people of Orchard Park, New York, have come together in a fundraising effort that has brought in more than $80,000 to assist the Ruffino-Diamond family as they navigate this challenging time of transition. The significance of friendship and working together to aid the downtrodden is shown in this touching tale.

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