Think Before Wasting Food – Let’s Stop Food Wastage!

 Think Before Wasting Food  – Let’s Stop Food Wastage!

Before Wasting Food

Roughly every year 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted. It is approximately one-third of produced food for human consumption. While you are reading this 925 million people are starving on this planet. If this food is not wasted, that is enough to feed 3 billion people.  So, how do that starving people survive? Some poorest people in the world are forced to eat unbelievable food to survive, however.

Some poorest people in Haiti which remains the world’s poorest country make cookies for their food. But they are not regular cookies like we eat. They are made out of the mud. The women in Haiti make cookies out of a mixture of mud, vegetable oil, and salt. They definitely do not have a nutritional value, have no taste, and are very hard to swallow. 

The eighth poorest country Madagascar is the country where some people eat white clay. White clay is what we used to make clay pots. Some poorest people in Madagascar turn white clay into a fine powder, mix it with tamarind sauce and eat it. 

Before Wasting Food
Before Wasting Food

Not only mud, some poorest people in Venezuela, eat meat. But they are rotten. They can only afford rotten meat because food prices have gone up. So, they risk their health by eating smelly, rotten, and almost poisonous meat to survive because they have no choice. 

In some countries like the Philippines, the poorest people have to eat overcooked food. They collect leftover food from piles of trash. Leftover fried meat that was thrown by houses and restaurants is recooked. 

In most desperate times hungry people in South Sudan eat grass. Also, some people are skipping their meals. Just imagine being forced to chase and eat rats. Yes, some people in Bihar where one of the poorest states in India eats rats to survive. 

Before Wasting Food
Before Wasting Food

People on the same planet waste one-third of their food while people eat mud, rotten meat, grass, and rats to survive. And some people do not have either. So, think twice before wasting food. 

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