72-Year-Old Man Graduates College with 99-Year-Old Mom in Attendance

 72-Year-Old Man Graduates College with 99-Year-Old Mom in Attendance

An astonishing 72-year-old man just earned his bachelor’s degree, which he completed almost half a century after graduating high school. After seven siblings failed to complete their bachelor’s degrees, Sam Kaplan finally succeeded at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Georgia. At the graduation ceremony, his mother, who is 99 years old, was present to support him.

Sam Kaplan had an eclectic career that included running a cleaning service and eventually founding a telemarketing company. In addition to his other jobs, he drove taxis and handled customer service. He heard on the radio that Georgia Gwinnett College offered a scriptwriting degree, so he went back to school for the first time in decades at the age of 68.


72-Year-Old Man Graduates It was not an easy transition for Sam to go back to school after a long absence. He was anxious about not fitting in with his somewhat younger peers and had to relearn how to study. But he got through it by establishing daily objectives and interacting with his classmates. Strong ties were formed as he invested time in getting to know his classmates and their academic goals.

An associate professor at Georgia Gwinnett College named Kate Balsley took delight in Sam’s achievements because she was one of his instructors. She brought up the fact that Sam used to show her photographs and tell anecdotes about his interesting family and life. Everyone at the university was happy for him to graduate, but they’ll miss having him around.


When it comes to his university, Sam Kaplan has left an indelible mark. His classmates’ jubilant applause as he collected his certificate at graduation demonstrated their profound respect for his perseverance and effort.


The incredible story of Sam Kaplan’s life shows that one should never let age stop them from going for their ambitions. Sam overcame obstacles to show that with hard work and encouragement, anything is possible. His mother was pleased, and he made an impression on his collegiate community, with his graduation. An inspiration, Sam’s experience shows how important it is to keep learning throughout one’s life.

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